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Teen Alcohol Treatment Rehab

Alcohol is one of the most commonly abused substances among teenagers. Easy access and social acceptance create a false sense of safety and invulnerability – but the consequences can be dangerous. Early intervention through Safe Landing’s teen alcohol abuse treatment program can help your son or daughter develop the tools necessary to overcome alcohol addiction.

At our teen rehab facility in Miami, Florida, we specialize in treating teenage alcohol addiction. Our treatment plans include inpatient alcohol treatment or partial hospitalization programs that provide rehab while your teen lives onsite, or intensive outpatient programs that allow them to come in for treatment but return home at night.

Now is the time to intervene in problematic behavior and get your teen alcohol treatment so they can gain skills that will enable them to live a healthier, better life. Safe Landing’s teen alcohol rehab provides a range of services that can stop the drinking, work through addictive behaviors, and help your teen learn how to manage their life without relying on alcohol.

Why teen drinking shouldn’t be accepted as normal

As a parent, you may turn a blind eye to teen drinking – or even enable the behavior – because you believe your child will drink regardless. You may even encourage your son or daughter to drink at home because you believe it will be safer there.

But the idea that teen drinking is some form of accepted rite of passage is a common fallacy, and this misconception can harm your teen both now and in the future. Experimentation and peer pressure are included in risk factors for teen alcohol addiction, and the risk can increase when other factors are present, such as a lack of parental supervision and genetic predisposition.

On the other hand, preventive measures can reduce the risk. These include anti-drug policies at school, parental supervision and supportive and healthy family relationships.

At Safe Landing, we know that teen drinking doesn’t always end as something fun and experimental. It has the potential to turn into an ongoing alcohol abuse problem that is harmful to a person’s health, lifestyle and relationships.

Specialized teen alcohol treatment

Our teen alcohol rehab program includes a combination of evidence-based and supplemental care. We provide individual counseling to get to the root causes of the addiction, group counseling and life skills training to help your teen learn how to live differently, and family addiction counseling to work through problems within the family unit that may be contributing to addiction.

We also include social components that help teens bond with others and have fun while under supervision. Our facility provides co-ed programs with separate housing for boys and girls.

Teen alcohol use may seem common and normal, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay. Drinking in teen years can cause many consequences that can impact your teen’s life for years to come, potentially for a lifetime.

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Our Teen Treatment Guarantee

We’re committed to your teen’s recovery.  After successfully completing 60 days of treatment at our teen rehab center, if your teenager relapses for any reason they are guaranteed an additional 60 days of treatment at no cost to help them get back on track.

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