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What You Should Know About Teen Alcohol Treatment Rehab

Alcohol is one of the most commonly abused substances among teenagers. Easy access and social acceptance create a false sense of safety and invulnerability – but the consequences can be dangerous. Early intervention through Safe Landing’s teen alcohol abuse treatment program can help your son or daughter develop the tools necessary to overcome alcohol addiction.

At our teen rehab facility in Miami, Florida, we specialize in treating teenage alcohol addiction. Our treatment plans include inpatient alcohol treatment or partial hospitalization programs that provide rehab while your teen lives onsite, or intensive outpatient programs that allow them to come in for treatment but return home at night.

Safe Landing offers help for teenage alcohol abuse with specialized teen alcohol rehab. When you see the signs of alcohol abuse, it’s important to intervene early to address the risks of underage drinking. Our teen alcohol rehab provides a range of services that can stop teenage drinking, work through addictive behaviors, and help your teen learn how to manage their life without relying on alcohol. To get help now, call us at 844-486-7205.

Why is treatment so important for teens?

You might wonder how teens become addicted to alcohol. Now is the time to intervene to get your teen alcohol treatment so they can gain skills that will enable them to live a healthier, better life. Safe Landing’s teen alcohol rehab provides a range of services that can stop the drinking, work through addictive behaviors, and help your teen learn how to manage their life without relying on alcohol.

Heavy drinking can take its toll on your teen’s physical and mental health with a range of side effects that include anxiety, cancer, cirrhosis, dementia, depression, depression, digestive issues, fibrosis, pancreatitis, and even a stroke. A treatment program will help your teen to cope with the physical and mental side effects of quitting drinking. Many of the negative side effects to your teen’s brain, cardiovascular system, gut, and liver will improve when they stop. 

The causes and impact of alcohol addiction are different for teens. They may be using alcohol as a way to cope with physical or emotional trauma, social or family issues, or unaddressed mental health problems.

At Safe Landing, we offer your teen the proper tools for dealing with the challenges that they’re facing. Without effective treatment for their alcohol abuse, your teen may develop addictive habits and other destructive behaviors that hinder their long-term ability to succeed at home, school, or work.

What are the risk factors of teen drinking? What about blackouts?

Yes, alcohol is dangerous for your teen, but they may not realize the entire picture. Have you talked with them about the risk factors associated with drinking to the point of blackout? 

Blackout after 2 drinks really is a thing that can happen to your teen. Alcohol can affect your teen in unforeseen ways. They could be vulnerable to pranks, injury, or even sexual attack. They could unknowingly put themselves in dangerous, even deadly, situations.  

Drinking is also associated with falls, alcohol poisoning, burns, or car crashes. It can also lead to suicide, homicide, or even domestic violence. Even if they are drunk, it could lead to violent, abusive behavior that will follow them the rest of their lives. Then, there’s the likelihood of contracting sexually transmitted diseases and even unintended pregnancy.  

Even if all these other dangers were just waiting to happen, there’s the reality that alcohol is a dangerous substance. When your teen drinks, they not only risk brain damage, but they may also experience greater levels of impairment issues, including memory loss.  

How does teenage alcohol use affect others?

Some 28 people die every day from alcohol related accidents. That’s serious and it’s preventable. Worse yet, your teen could be putting families, friends, and others at risk. It’s not worth it. While your teen might think that their binge or blackout drinking is not your business, their actions will affect others. 

If your teen drinks and drives, those poor decisions will eventually influence others. It’s a dangerous point of no return. Drinking alcohol can ruin and even end young lives even before they’ve ever really started. 

What are signs of alcohol use in teens?

The teen years can be a difficult time to recognize the signs of alcohol use. Your teen is probably already exhibiting the signs of moodiness along with the other pubescent behaviors that could indicate alcohol abuse. Identification will likely come from behavioral changes rather than any outwardly obvious physical symptoms. 

Alcohol and drugs are now more easily accessible to teens. Combined with the changing perception, there’s been a steady rise in adolescent alcohol use. At the same time, more young people are experiencing overdose symptoms. Alcohol, marijuana, and tobacco products are common for teen use, but “smart drugs” like Adderall or Ritalin are on the rise as part of the growing trend toward prescription alcohol abuse. 

Why teen drinking shouldn’t be accepted as normal?

As a parent, you may turn a blind eye to teen drinking – or even enable the behavior – because you believe your child will drink regardless. You may even encourage your son or daughter to drink at home because you believe it will be safer there.

The risk to your teen will increase when other factors are present. Lack of parental supervision and genetic predisposition are two important risk factors to recognize. On the other hand, preventive measures can reduce the risk. 

Even though alcohol is a legal substance for adults, it’s still not legal for teens. It’s one of the most dangerous and addictive substances available to teens. It can involve any number of alcohol related accidents, incidents, or even diseases. No matter what the reasons for the easy access to alcohol, it’s more important than ever that your teen learns just how dangerous this situation can be. 

At Safe Landing, we know that teen drinking doesn’t always end as something fun and experimental. It has the potential to turn into an ongoing alcohol abuse problem that is harmful to a person’s health, lifestyle and relationships.

Why is alcohol dangerous for teenagers?

If you look at human biology, it takes 20 years for the human brain to fully develop. So that means that a teen’s brain is still in the process of developing.  Alcohol use and abuse interferes with that development. It also stunts cognitive ability. 

As if the teen years were not confusing and convoluted enough, alcohol use can affect a teen’s ability to regulate emotion. Alcohol use can also affect the prefrontal cortex. That’s the part of the brain that handles decision making, impulsivity, judgment, and reasoning. 

Alcohol negatively affects the development of the brain, but teen alcohol use can also increase the likelihood that that individual will develop more addictions later in life. This can indirectly lead to a higher risk of cardiovascular health issues such as heart disease, heart failure, or high blood pressure, mental disorders, or sleep disorders. 

Treating adolescent addiction: alcohol rehab for teens

The teen years can be difficult, given the pressures and influences that are so prevalent. Teens are more susceptible to external influences than at any other time. This is a challenging time when a teen is transitioning from childhood to adulthood. It’s a time when teens figure out who they are and what they want as they juggle academic, societal, and social pressures. 

It’s also a time when teens interact in ways that are inherently risky, as they challenge authority figures. Drugs and alcohol contribute a negative spin on most social interaction, even though it feels fun and entertaining. The mix of alcohol and drugs with the tendency of teens to push boundaries can quickly lead to a downward spiral. Their use and abuse of drugs and alcohol could forever alter the direction of their lives. 

Dealing with teenage addiction is a tricky endeavor as the nuances of addiction can manifest themselves differently than it would in adults. Teens face a unique set of triggers that can drive them to experiment with alcohol and drugs. They may simply be curious.  As such, it’s imperative that their unique psychological needs are addressed in the alcohol treatment process.  

No matter how “tame” a substance may seem, any type of addiction is dangerous for a teenager. Beyond the cognitive and impairment issues, alcohol use can permanently affect the life and future of a teen. Get help today and contact one of our staff members to find the best route of action for your son or daughter.

Specialized teen alcohol treatment

Our teen alcohol rehab program includes a combination of evidence-based and supplemental care. We provide individual counseling to get to the root causes of the addiction, group counseling and life skills training to help your teen learn how to live differently, and family addiction counseling to work through problems within the family unit that may be contributing to addiction.

We also include social components that help teens bond with others and have fun while under supervision. Our facility provides co-ed programs with separate housing for boys and girls. At Safe Landing Recovery teen rehab center in Miami, Florida, we only treat clients aged 13 through 17, so we’re deeply invested in helping adolescents experience healing and recovery — for a bright future. We’re passionate about offering the best rehab for teens who are dealing with alcohol addiction. 

Your teen can even continue learning as part of our virtual schooling program. We include specialized guidance from teachers, tutors, and school counselors. It’s a great way to continue to pursue an education in an online learning environment while getting the help they need for their alcohol addiction.  

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We work to make sure that the teens in our program can heal and grow in a safe space while taking the first steps toward lifelong recovery. Don’t wait to get help for your teen. Time goes by so fast, but now is the time when your teen needs to learn the best and healthiest ways to recover and heal from alcohol addiction. It could affect them for the rest of their lives. 

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