Aftercare Support Services

At Safe Landing, we know that your teen’s recovery journey continues well beyond their time in our care, changing and evolving as they grow into adulthood. Our commitment to supporting and encouraging clean and sober living extends beyond discharge as well in the form of our extensive aftercare support services. We offer more than just guidance and mentorship from licensed therapists and mental health specialists through Safe Landing. Our clients become a part of our family, continuing to receive our support and access to other alumni resources.

Safe Landing aftercare support services are designed to perfectly complement the life skills and coping mechanisms our clients gain during treatment, as well as helping form a solid foundation for the future. This includes resources for:

  • Continued education
  • Job skills training
  • Private therapy
  • Family counseling
  • Support groups
  • 12 step programs
  • Relapse prevention
  • ‍Crisis management

Why is Aftercare Important?

A common misconception about addiction recovery is that completing residential rehab is the end of the journey. Expecting a miraculous outcome not only sets you and your teen up for disappointment and frustration, but creates vulnerability to relapse dangers.

To protect against the trials of early recovery, Safe Landing creates individualized aftercare plans for each client before discharge from treatment. Development of our aftercare plans begins at admission and continues throughout your teen’s time with us, with their personal therapist and case manager working in tandem to ensure all necessary areas are covered. Extending our support to

Safe Landing aftercare support services are personalized to meet your teen’s needs and secure their lifelong commitment to clean and sober living. Our aftercare plans are always designed to help mold your child’s future, supplementing their short-term and long-term goals as well as reducing the risk for relapse. We focus on keeping the progress and momentum going, allowing your child to gain confidence in their ability to maintain their recovery and build a bright, new future.

Safe Landing Teen Aftercare Support

Safe Landing’s dedication to your child’s ongoing success is what guides us when choosing our carefully selected aftercare partners. We aim to ensure your teen is surrounded by encouraging, supportive people who will help they remain steady on their path of recovery every step of the way. This includes connecting with school officials and guidance counselors, employers, mentors, and others in your teen’s life who can help provide additional structure and guidance.

Our online and mobile aftercare resources make it it easier than ever for your teen to get any additional help they may need in moments of vulnerability. Our resources for online counseling and phone support means your teen is never without a safe and reliable outlet to prevent relapse misfortunes. Safe Landing also provides each client and their families with alumni specific tools to help you connect with our team directly. We strive to ensure your teen has the best possible chance at life-long recovery success.

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