Teens in Crisis: Providing Acute Stabilization Care for Clients

In an ideal world, the decision to seek help for substance abuse or a mental health disorder is a conscious one. When clients enter treatment of their own volition, the process is typically much smoother and more beneficial than involuntary admission. Clients who are in treatment by legal order or coercion from loved ones may […]

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Teen Alcohol Poisoning

Going to parties, tailgating, and cheering on a favorite sports team are common ways for teens to relieve stress and be with friends. For some, this includes drinking and occasionally having too much too quickly or binge drinking. The consequences of large amounts of alcohol are severe and can be deadly. Rapidly drinking in excess […]

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Putting Out Fires: Managing Co-Occurring Disorders in Teen Substance Abuse Treatment

Treating teen substance abuse and co-occurring disorders is a complex undertaking, requiring a comprehensive approach that addresses all needs for lasting success. For adolescent clients, common treatment factors to consider include addressing mental health and behavioral concerns, home and family dysfunction, and establishing healthy coping mechanisms and life skills for a substance-free future.  Early intervention […]

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