Family Counseling

Teen substance abuse recovery is a family effort, reliant on love, support, and encouragement. Active addiction may damage family bonds, causing frustration, distrust, and resentments. Through the recovery process, Safe Landing works to help mend family relationships both during individual sessions and family counseling.

Family Counseling at Safe Landing

With a family-oriented approach to the recovery process, Safe Landing is dedicated to parental involvement every step of the way. As part of this commitment, we incorporate family counseling into all of our treatment programs to facilitate honest communication in a safe, moderated environment. Our certified family therapists are highly trained to help address concerns and foster healthy relationships, re-establishing the parent-child relationship and building a strong network of support for clean and sober living.

Beyond providing updates for your child’s progress, our clinicians aim to help you understand the nature of addiction and your role in your teen’s recovery. By breaking through the stigmas and misinformation associated with substance abuse, Safe Landing helps you understand your child’s substance abuse disorder and their needs throughout their continued journey. Topics discussed during counseling may include:

  • Identifying potential signs of relapse
  • Setting and enforcing healthy boundaries
  • Following through with consequences
  • Recognizing and correcting enabling behavior
  • Support groups for family members of people in recovery

Family counseling at Safe Landing may take place in person for local families, or via phone call or Skype. Guided by experienced counselors, each session provides a non-judgmental, safe space for healing as a family.

Other Family Resources

At Safe Landing, we embrace your entire family as our own. We are committed to the well-being of all involved in this lifelong journey. The family counseling aspect of our teen addiction treatment programs is purposefully integrated from the very beginning to ensure everyone is on the same page and working toward creating a bright, healthy future for all.

To continue strengthening the family bond and to help you on your own journey as a recovery support member, Safe Landing also offers external resources for you and your teen. Our resources are well-vetted and selected for the benefits they provide for all involved. Safe Landing family counseling services offers family support groups, provide educational material, and work with you to gain access to any other resources you may need.