Teen Rehab in Miami, Florida

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Teen Rehab in Miami, Florida

9200 NW 8th Ave, Miami, FL 33150
Phone number: 844-486-7205
Level of care: Inpatient Residential Treatment, Partial Hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient Programs
Who we treat: Adolescents 12-17

Comprehensive Alcohol and Drug Rehab for Teens

As one of the only specialized teen rehab centers in Miami, Florida, Safe Landing focuses on early intervention to help prevent a lifetime of substance abuse issues. Through a person-first approach to care that promotes family involvement at every stage, connection and support is at the core of our teen substance abuse treatment process. We understand that drug and alcohol use is often a symptom of deeper lying issues, so we foster a judgement-free, compassionate environment for addressing addiction at its core. Our comprehensive approach to care also includes educational support, life skills training, and holistic programs like yoga and fitness training for a well-rounded recovery experience.

Teen Rehab in Miami, Florida

Family-Centered Approach to Teen Rehab

At Safe Landing, we understand how vital early intervention can be when it comes to teen substance abuse treatment. By offering drug and alcohol rehab services for adolescents and teens ages 12 to 17, we help to prevent years of undue struggle and strife. With decades of combined treatment experience, our team of clinicians and behavioral health specialists help to address teen addiction at its core, opening the path for a brighter, healthier future. We recognize that teens experiencing substance abuse issues often face different challenges than their adult counterparts, so our treatment approach offers holistic care specific to their needs.

Teen rehab at Safe Landing begins at admission. Our low client-to-staff ratio ensures each individual gets the direct attention and guidance they need for meaningful change. We take the time to get to know each client’s story to develop an individualized care plan including regular progress updates for parents and guardians and family counseling options for holistic healing. Levels of care include:

Inpatient Residential Rehab

Partial Hospitalization

Intensive Outpatient Programs

Aftercare Support Services

At our Florida rehab for teens, our team works closely with clients and their families to address teen substance abuse and related issues for a well-rounded approach to care. Through both group dynamic and individual counseling, teens learn valuable life skills such as identifying and managing triggers, emotional regulation, communication skills, and more. Our recovery-focused community offers support from people who truly understand. By connecting with their peers and our recovery coaches, teens find empowerment and new resolve through sobriety. With an emphasis on self-esteem building and accountability, our mission is to eliminate the need for teen drug and alcohol use through positive coping mechanisms and personal growth.

Beyond our evidence-based therapeutic treatment options, Safe Landing offers support and guidance for your teen’s overall self-improvement. This includes APEX online learning and on-site instruction for core subjects, SAT/ACT prep, and assistance with higher education. Aftercare assistance services provide extended support beyond completion of treatment to promote long-term success in recovery.

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Teen Rehab in Miami, Florida

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