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Meet The Team

"At Safe Landing, we are dedicated to helping your teen reach their full potential."
Andrea Baskin
Clinical Director

Andrea Baskin is Safe Landing’s Clinical Director. Licensed and holding a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling, Andrea has over 10 years of experience, she offers families direct support and guidance through the recovery and treatment process. As a parent, she understands the difficulty families face with the decision to place their children in treatment. Andrea is committe to supporting not just the individual's recovery, but the family's recovery as a whole.

Christina Geraci Rosenberg
Assistant Clinical Director

As Assistant Clinical Director, Christina is responsible for direct therapeutic services while also providing administrative support and supervision of daily clinical operations. She holds a Master's Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the Florida International University and is currently a Registered Mental Health Counseling Intern in Florida. Christina is passionate about helping teenagers in recovery and has dedicated her career to working with at-risk adolescents and their families. Christina believes that early intervention, intensive psychotherapy, improved coping skills, and building family support are the keys to a better future for our youth.

Avelina Mederos
Educational Coordinator

Acting as the educational coordinator for Safe Landing, Avelina Mederos helps to promote well-rounded development through on-site and virtual instruction, ACT/SAT prep, and resources for ongoing education. Under Mederos’ guidance, teens can work toward obtaining their high school diploma or GED, getting certified for project management and leadership, or begin exploring higher education options.

Tristan Wever
Program Director

Program Director Tristan Wever is responsible for Safe Landing's daily operations and logistics. His previous work experience with women and children refugees, as well as adults in addiction treatment gave Tristan the expertise to oversee and manage the daily operations of Safe Landing. His educational background as a Mental Health Professional in South Africa is valuable in his day-to-day interactions with the adolescent population.

Yesenia Cabral
Case Management Supervisor

Case Management Supervisor Yesenia Yera earned her Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice with a minor is Psychology from Florida International University. She then worked as a probation officer in Miami-Dade County for two years, working with youth offenders. Yera joined the Safe Landing staff to continue her efforts in helping young people change the direction of their futures. As the Case Management Supervisor, Yesenia supports the clinical team in ensuring our clients’ needs are met to optimize progress through recovery. This includes aid with educational and employment planning, parental updates, and providing administrative support.

Genesis Yera

Genesis Yera is a therapist at Safe Landing with a focus on adolescent therapy and development. After working with mental health populations through Broward Health and adult addiction populations at Harbor Village, Genesis is dedicated to helping teens and families heal from the effects of addiction together. With a degree in Family and Marriage Counseling from Nova University, Yera conducts family therapy sessions, providing a safe and secure space for addressing substance abuse related issues. She also guides the relapse prevention and emotional awareness groups.

Meghan Wilde
Primary Therapist

As a primary therapist at Safe Landing, Meghan Wilde has a Master’s Degrees in Criminology, Counselor Education, and Mental Health Counseling. Registered as a mental health counseling intern in Florida, Wilde also has experience working as a victim’s advocate, academic advisor, and behavioral health technician. This experience allows her to connect with our young clients, recognizing their support needs. With Safe Landing, Meghan conducts group and individual therapy sessions as well as providing guidance for parents during family therapy.

Morgan Selby sordo
Primary Therapist

Registered as a mental health counseling intern in Florida, primary therapist Morgan Selby holds Master’s Degrees in Counselor Education and Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Selby also worked with at-risk youth for two years prior to joining the Safe Landing behavioral health team. Here, Morgan works directly with teens and their families to promote healing and support through group therapy and individual counseling sessions as well as family therapy.