5 Fun and Sober Ways to End Your Summer

September 5, 2017
5 Fun and Sober Ways to End Your Summer

Your sober summer may have opened your eyes to the fact that you don’t need drugs or alcohol to have fun. This is a huge revelation in your journey towards long-lasting sobriety! Now that we’re heading into the fall and you’re seeing “Back to School” sales popping up in commercials and in stores, enjoy the last few days of your sober summer and gear up for a great new school year! Here’s 5 ways you can make the most of the end of summer!

1. Enjoy the beach or the pool with some friends. Relaxing at the poolside or on a warm, sandy beach is a great way to have some fun in the sun with your friends. Take advantage of your free time to relax and get ready for what the new school year has in store. As school begins, 

you won’t always be able to enjoy the company of your friends or have a beach or pool day. Instead of focusing on your summer ending, have fun during this time instead.

2. Finish up your summer reading! This is a definite must-do if you were given a summer reading assignment you haven’t completed yet. Start the school year off right and get it done now so you don’t have to stress about it later! It is important to have fun but it is also important to take care of your responsibilities. Being mindful and finding a balance is important for personal growth. Though this may not be the most exciting activity on your list, it will ultimately benefit you.

3. Have a fun day

 out with friends. You can have a game night at home, go to the movies, and even go back to school shopping with your friends. Spending quality time with your friends is important, especially if you won’t be attending the same school. The end of the summer is the last time to see each other and enjoy each other’s company before school starts again. Having fun games and good food will allow you to bond and come together before the end of your sober summer.

4. Have dinner. Maybe you picked up the hobby of cooking during the summer. You can showcase your hidden talent for the culinary arts by making a dinner for friends and family. You will be able to create a tasty dinne

r for them while bonding over your delicious food.

5. Try a local activity like a zoo, aquarium, or visit to the mall. Not only is this fun, but it’s also convenient. You won’t have to travel too far to have fun. Going to the zoo or aquarium can be especially exciting for your younger siblings and family members. During your visit to the mall, you can find cool and exciting back to school clothes or supplies while they’re on sale. Although back to school shopping isn’t the most exciting activity, it’s a good way to get out of the house and be around other people.

As the end of your sober summer approaches, reflect on all the fun memories you gained without the need for illicit substances. This sober summer is only the beginning of your journey now that you’ve seen how easy it is to have fun and remain committed to your recovery. Continue making strides along your journey and you’ll be surprised how much you can accomplish by this time next year!

Let us know in the comment section if you’ve participated in any of these sober activities this summer!

Jenna Nolan

Jenna Nolan is a South Florida native working toward double Master’s degrees in Psychology and English. She finds the psychological aspects of addiction and mental illness fascinating, as both are prevalent in her family’s history. When not researching and spreading addiction awareness, Jenna enjoys sparring, artistic pursuits, and admiring puppies online.