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Teen Emotional Regulation Therapy

Life comes with highs and lows that can inspire a powerful emotional response. Safe Landing can help your teen navigate them all.

What Is Emotional Regulation for Teens?

For teens, it’s especially vital to come to grips with both positive and negative emotions, so they can deal with a variety of situations in a balanced, healthy way. Emotional Regulation (ER) helps people understand how their emotions impact us, and how they react to their social environment.

Our emotions can be triggered by:

The challenge arises when situations upset our sense of equilibrium — and that’s when our emotions benefit from regulation and management. ER seeks to do just that.

How Does Safe Landing Teach Emotional Regulation?

When a child or teen doesn’t learn emotional regulation, they can take on harmful behaviors that either numb the experience of emotion, or channel it into a different form — including withdrawal, excessive gaming or social media use, promiscuity, eating disorders, aggression, and teenage substance abuse.

At Safe Landing, we only treat teenagers — so we understand how to introduce Emotional Regulation through strategies that make sense to adolescents. Through meditation, self-talk, breathing, exercise, and emotionally expressive environments, our behavioral health experts can help your child regulate his or her emotions in a way that’s appropriate and constructive.

Therapy in Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Emotional Regulation is only one of the many evidenced-based therapeutic approaches to teen drug rehab and alcohol rehab we use at Safe Landing. Our team of licensed therapists are trained in a number of disciplines and approaches to rehab, including:

As a client at Safe Landing, your teen will have all these options at their disposal, for complete healing.

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