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Intensive Outpatient Teen Rehab Programs

Residential inpatient treatment is a vital component of recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. But treatment doesn’t end there. The intensive outpatient program (IOP) at Miami’s Safe Landing is designed to extend support and progress beyond residential inpatient treatment. By focusing on both short-term and long-term goals, our IOP program can help to secure your child’s clean and sober future.

For adolescents recovering from substance abuse disorders, continuing substance abuse treatment for teens through an intensive outpatient treatment program helps to reinforce the lessons and experiences they absorbed from inpatient care. Intensive outpatient programs help guard against relapse and solidify your teenager’s commitment to sobriety by maintaining the same structure as he or she reassimilates into everyday life.

What Does the Intensive Outpatient Program at Safe Landing Look Like?

With few teen substance abuse treatment centers available in the U.S. and even fewer offering continued care, Safe Landing is deeply committed to providing extended recovery support for adolescents. By making the transition from residential inpatient to IOP treatment, clients of Safe Landing benefit from a familiar structure and environment while enjoying the opportunity for exploration and self-discovery.

During intensive outpatient treatment at Safe Landing, your teen will attend group and individual therapy sessions three to five days a week to continue the progress from the inpatient phase of care. Our staff works to help your child process any challenges that may arise — such as triggers and urges, mental and emotional obstacles, and other topics that may impact his or her recovery. 

The IOP program at Safe Landing also includes educational support, such as SAT/ACT prep, GED courses and assistance with higher education.

The Benefits of a Teen Intensive Outpatient Program

Completing inpatient treatment for drug or alcohol rehab is an accomplishment to celebrate — but it’s just the beginning of your child’s recovery journey. During these early days of recovery, they’re still vulnerable. That’s why our teen intensive outpatient program continues to build upon the strong foundation established during the initial stages of care. During IOP care, your teen will:

By instilling positive coping mechanisms and life skills that support a sober lifestyle, teen IOPs reinforce the lessons of residential care while allowing for greater independence and growth. We’d love to talk with you about the ways our teen intensive outpatient program in Miami can help your child.

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Our intensive outpatient program gives teens the tools for long-term sobriety.

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