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Partial Hospitalization Programs for Teen Substance Abuse

Addiction and substance abuse disorders are complex and deep-rooted, affecting all the areas of a teen’s life. While developing coping mechanisms, stress management, and other life skills is part of the residential inpatient recovery process, the journey shouldn’t end at discharge. In fact, the early days of sobriety are among the most vulnerable. Continued support and guidance during the transition back into normal life help to fortify your teen’s commitment to long-term recovery.

For teens in early recovery, Safe Landing’s partial hospitalization program (or “PHP”) offers a safe and secure space to take the lessons and experiences of residential inpatient treatment and apply them to “real world” situations. This effective outpatient treatment method maintains a focus on recovery and relapse prevention to give your teen the best chance for a bright future.

What Is a Partial Hospitalization Program?

Teen partial hospitalization programs are designed to promote long-term recovery through personalized, client-centered care focused on implementing the tools and life skills for managing life beyond drugs and alcohol. 

Partial hospitalization extends the structure and guidance of inpatient rehab — without the overnight stay. As part of the Safe Landing PHP program, teens participate in group and individual therapy sessions five hours each day, then return home in the evenings.

What We Expect From Safe Landing’s Partial Hospitalization Program for Teens?

At Safe Landing, we’re dedicated to helping your teen build a solid foundation for the future — one that goes far beyond breaking the physical bonds of addiction. To help prevent a lifelong cycle of relapse, our partial hospitalization program focuses on research-based therapy methods effective in treating substance abuse disorders and co-occurring mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and more. 

Five days per week, for five hours a day, our structured rehab program provides comprehensive behavioral health care through proven treatment methods, including:

At Safe Landing, we know how important it is to establish open channels of communication. Parents and guardians are kept informed and involved throughout each stage of treatment, including the partial hospitalization program, so you’re poised to provide your teen with support for long-term recovery.

How Is the Partial Hospitalization Program at Safe Landing Different?

Teenagers aren’t adults — no matter how much they insist otherwise! That’s why the Safe Landing rehab facility in Miami is exclusively dedicated to helping teens get and stay sober. And we understand the unique needs of young clients in a way that traditional rehab facilities don’t. By choosing a substance abuse program created just for teens, you’re giving your child the best chance for a bright future. Talk to us today, and find out if our flexible partial hospitalization program is right for your teen.

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