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Teen Addiction Relapse Prevention Support

Avoiding relapse can be a challenge, especially in early sobriety. We have the tools to help your teen get sober — and stay sober.

When your teen is ready to move on from alcohol or drug rehab, it will be a time full of excitement and opportunity. And although your child may be enthusiastic about this new phase of his or her sobriety, it’s a particularly vulnerable time. Without the structure and accountability of treatment, temptations can be more compelling. And the people and places they associate with drinking and/or drug use may be present, offering new temptations and triggers.

That’s why, at Safe Landing Recovery, we make substance abuse relapse prevention one of the highest priorities for all our clients. Throughout our residential inpatient treatment, partial hospitalization program, and intensive outpatient program, we instruct your teen about how to recognize early warning signs, and how to cope when urges and triggers emerge.

What Is Relapse Prevention for Teens?

Following drug or alcohol rehab, teens have unique needs when it comes to substance abuse relapse prevention. For most people in early recovery, urges and triggers are a troubling but predictable part of recovery. The goal is to address them in advance and put a plan in place, so you’re never caught off guard. Teenagers are often more spontaneous than adults in recovery — so it’s all the more essential to have that plan in place.

Therapy is one of the best places to develop a relapse prevention plan. Together with your teen, we’ll identify triggers, isolate warning signs and work on coping mechanisms. We’ll even rehearse what to do and say when those urges arise.

Also, your teen will have a new support network of sober friends from Safe Landing. Along with our compassionate staff, these peers are an invaluable resource for accountability and support during any moments of vulnerability.

How an Aftercare Plan Helps Your Teen Prevent Relapse

Before your child graduates from Safe Landing, we’ll work together to create a complete aftercare plan. You and your teen are always welcome here at Safe Landing! We also provide frequent aftercare meetings, for support and guidance in navigating potential relapse. Continuing with therapy is essential for maintaining strong coping skills in the face of urges and triggers.

Family: A Tool for Teen Relapse Prevention

As a family member, you’ll be encouraged to participate actively in your teen’s recovery process. Not only does your involvement help them in their early sobriety, but it can be crucial to identifying any emotional or behavioral changes that could signal a relapse. As part of family therapy, whether online or in-person, you’ll receive the education and preparation to help your child avoid relapse.

Remember, Safe Landing understands that recovery isn’t a quick fix; it’s an ongoing journey. We’re here to support you and your teen along the way and offer the guidance you need, whenever you need it. 

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Relapse prevention for teens isn’t just possible. It’s essential.

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