Summer Rehabilitation Programs

Summer Rehabilitation Program at Safe Landing Recovery

At Safe Landing, we recognize that a good education is the foundation for a better future. Having a high school diploma or equivalent boosts earning potential, self-confidence, and encourages higher learning which offers even more benefits. However, teen substance abuse and addiction interferes with the learning process on multiple levels. Illicit substances can hinder brain development and interfere with cognition, causing sinking grades, disciplinary issues, and endangering your teen’s future. By addressing the issue of drug and alcohol abuse, teen addiction treatment helps to eliminate these obstacles in your child’s educational path and set them back on the right track.

Because of our dedication to education, Safe Landing offers summer rehab programs to avoid interrupting the school year. Offered between June and August, our summer rehab course offer the same comprehensive mental and behavioral health care as our traditional tracks of care.

Benefits of Summer Rehabilitation for Teens

Addiction treatment through a teen summer rehab program helps remove stress factors that can interfere with the recovery process, primarily those associated with schooling. Since such a large part of your teen’s life occurs in school, summer rehab provides an opportunity for healing away from triggering environments and situations. By providing a safe, clinically-supervised environment for the other underlying causes of substance abuse, Safe Landing summer rehab programs establish a solid foundation for your teen’s future.

Addiction treatment during the summer isn’t boring either! At Safe Landing, our clients enjoy weekly outings, events, and other forms of entertainment to teach teens that you can have fun without illicit substances. This includes:

  • Movie outings
  • Bowling
  • Educational field trips
  • Board games
  • Pool and ping pong tables

Summer Rehab at Safe Landing

During the admission process, our adolescent addiction specialists conduct a fully comprehensive behavioral health assessment, physical exam, and family interviews. This information is used to personalize your teen’s treatment program to optimize effectiveness. Our integrated treatment approach is evidence-based and proven to help teens achieve long-term recovery.

Behavioral Therapies: Cognitive and Dialectical Behavioral Therapies are used to modify harmful thought and behavior patterns that contribute to substance abuse. Through mindfulness training and positive decision making, your teen learns accountability and responsibility for their own actions.

Creative Expression: As a supplement to traditional talk therapies, creative outlets like art, dance, and music give teens a safe, positive means of expressing difficult thoughts and emotions.

Life Skills Training: With a focus on securing a clean and sober future, our teen life skills training program is designed to help your teen become a well-rounded, self-reliant adult. Safe Landing life skills training includes hygiene and cleanliness, effective communication, conflict resolution, and other skills that your teen will carry throughout their lives.

Educational Support: Because addiction and substance abuse often has a negative impact on your teen’s education, our summer rehab program includes on-site instruction for core subjects, GED, ACT, and SAT prep and other educational support services.

Aftercare Planning: Upon the completion of the Safe Landing summer rehab program, our team of compassionate case managers will help your teen and family transition into the next stages of recovery. Our aftercare planning includes finding outpatient support, assistance applying for colleges and financial aid, and other services to enrich your teen’s future.

Your teen needs you. Make the call that will improve their future today!