Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP)

Intensive Outpatient Programs for Teens

Intensive outpatient programs are designed to extend the support and progress beyond completion of residential treatment. By keeping the focus on pursuing short-term and long-term goals, these treatment programs help to secure a clean and sober future.

For adolescents recovering from substance abuse disorders, continuing treatment through an intensive outpatient treatment program can make all the difference in a bright future. By extending the structured approach to recovery as your teen transitions back into everyday life, intensive outpatient programs help guard against relapse and solidify the commitment to clean and sober living.

Teen substance abuse treatment is designed to empower young people with the tools and skills they need to lead a fulfilling life beyond drugs and alcohol. By instilling positive coping mechanisms and life skills that support a clean and sober lifestyle, teen IOPs reinforce the lessons of residential care while allowing for exploration and growth.

The Benefits of a Teen Intensive Outpatient Program

Completing inpatient treatment is just the beginning of the recovery journey. Teen intensive outpatient programs continue to build upon the foundation established during the initial stages of care. Through extended care in an intensive outpatient treatment program for teens, your child will continue developing the positive habits and behaviors they need for a fulfilling future.

During IOP care, your teen will:

  • Have opportunities to practice coping mechanisms and life skills and use them in real-life scenarios.
  • Continue to grow while surrounded by the support and understanding of their peers and counselors.
  • Further explore their mental and emotional health to ensure real world preparedness.
  • Continue regularly attending groups and individual therapy sessions to maintain the focus on recovery.
  • Create meaningful relationships with other teens in recovery, building a like-minded support network of people who understand their journey.
  • ‍Maintain a structured routine which reduces the urges and relapse risks.

Intensive Outpatient Programs at Safe Landing

With few teen substance abuse treatment centers available in the U.S. and even fewer offering continued care, Safe Landing strives to meet the need for extended recovery support and for adolescents. By transitioning into our teen IOP treatment, clients of Safe Landing benefit from  extended care and support while also allowing exploration and self-discovery.

During intensive outpatient treatment at Safe Landing, your teen will attend group and individual therapy sessions 3 to 5 days a week to continue the progress begun during the inpatient phase of care. During this time, our staff works to help teens process any challenges that may arise such as triggers and urges, mental and emotional obstacles, and other topics which may impact their recovery. IOP care at Safe Landing also includes educational support programs such as SAT/ACT prep, GED courses, and assistance with higher education to secure a brighter future.

Give your child the best chance at a happy, productive future. Contact us today to begin the recovery process together.