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Inpatient Drug Rehab For Teens

For teens living with substance abuse disorders, it’s not unusual for drug and alcohol abuse to originate as a means of fitting in, dealing with stress or emotional challenges — even self-medicating undiagnosed mental health disorders. These contributing factors can lead to active addiction, creating a dangerous cycle that can have lasting detrimental effects in your teen’s life. The good news: Residential treatment centers for youth assisting with teen drug rehab and alcohol rehab programs are within reach. And by understanding your teen’s personal struggles and needs, you’ll be better poised to help them reclaim control of their lives and better their future.

What Is Residential Inpatient Treatment For Teens?

Residential inpatient treatment for teens helps to eliminate external influences and distractions that can interfere with the recovery process. Through our approach to client-centered care in a private, fully enclosed recovery facility in Miami, FL, your child can provide focus on the mental and emotional process of addiction recovery. 

With evidence-based clinical interventions including family counseling, anger management, and more, Safe Landing teen inpatient treatment is designed to create a solid foundation for long-term success in sobriety. Safe Landing residential inpatient treatment is structured for optimal effectiveness for each of our young clients — providing a perfect balance between group and individualized care methods. Expressive art therapies, communication and life skills, and psychoeducation are all used to create a well-rounded path to recovery.

A Total Life Transformation Process

Safe Landing’s teen residential inpatient treatment program also focuses on education and life management skills. During their time with us, your teen can receive on-site instruction in the core subjects, virtual schooling, and assistance with GED, SAT, or ACT prep to keep them on track for graduation and beyond. 

Beyond the classroom, our life skills training courses focus on instilling the importance of personal accountability. This includes:

 A Home Away From Home

We understand you may be anxious about your teen being away from home as part of their substance abuse treatment — and that’s perfectly natural. But it’s important you know that we do all we can to make sure your child feels safe, protected and comfortable here at Safe Landing. With amenities like monitored semi-private rooms, catered meals, a recreational room and a certified therapy dog named Mantequilla, your child is nurtured in mind, body and spirit.

As a family member, you’re a part of Safe Landing, too. In fact, your involvement is vital to your loved one’s success and sobriety. Weekly family support groups are available in person and online, so you stay connected and immersed in your child’s progress.

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