Residential Inpatient Treatment

Residential Inpatient Treatment at Safe Landing Recovery

Teen Residential Inpatient Treatment in North Miami

For teens living with substance abuse disorders, drugs and alcohol abuse often begins as a means of fitting in, coping with stress and emotional challenges, or self-medicating undiagnosed mental health disorders. External influences such as friends and peers, stress at home or school, and other troubles can be contributing factors to active addiction, creating a dangerous cycle that can have lasting detrimental effects in your teen’s life. Understanding your teen’s personal struggles and needs will help you determine how to help them reclaim control of their lives and better their future.

What is Teen Residential Inpatient Treatment?

Teen residential inpatient treatment helps to eliminate external influences and distractions which can interfere with the recovery process. Client-centered care in a private, fully enclosed facility allows for greater focus on the mental and emotional process of addiction recovery. With evidence-based methods of care including behavioral therapy techniques, mindfulness training, and other life affirming lessons, teen inpatient treatment is designed to create a solid foundation for long-term success in sobriety.

Safe Landing residential inpatient treatment is structured for optimal effectiveness for each client. This approach provides a perfect balance between group and individualized care methods, specifically chosen with your teen’s success in mind. Alternatives such as non-verbal expressive arts therapies, pet therapy with our trained therapy dog, EMDR, and other holistic options are also used as a means of reaching those who may not benefit as much from traditional talk therapy.

Because addiction recovery is a total life transformation process, Safe Landing’s teen residential inpatient treatment program also focuses on education and life management skills. During their time with us, your teen will receive on-site instruction in the core subjects, virtual schooling, and assistance with GED, SAT, or ACT prep to keep them on track for graduation and beyond. Clients are able to make up credits or even get ahead of their coursework with the assistance of experienced instructors and support staff. Beyond the classroom, our life skills training courses focus on instilling the importance of self-sustainability. This includes:

  • Personal hygiene and grooming
  • Nutrition and fitness
  • Financial responsibility
  • Personal accountability and time management
  • Effective communication
  • Resume-building and employment tips
  • Crisis management and mindfulness training

Why Choose Safe Landing?

As one of the nation’s only drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers specializing in adolescent substance abuse, Safe Landing knows that the recovery journey for teens is different. Our youth face unique challenges that must be addressed for true and meaningful healing.

Because of this, our teen residential inpatient treatment program is completely personalized based on your teen’s needs and experiences for the best possible foundation for their future. Our comprehensive mental and behavioral health assessment identifies areas where you teen is most vulnerable so our team knows where to provide the most support and attention. Weekly progress reports and continuous family involvement ensures that progress can continue at home beyond completion of treatment. Together, we can change the path of your teen’s life and begin the journey toward a brighter future!

Don’t waste another day in fear for your teen’s life. Call us now!