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At Safe Landing, our mission is to provide a place of healing for young people affected by drug and alcohol addiction while delivering guidance for a brighter future.  

We recognize that adolescents are the most underserved population facing the very real and dangerous effects of addiction. And we understand that most adults who experience substance abuse begin using drugs in their youth, enduring many years of suffering along the way. By focusing on the unique needs of teenagers, Safe Landing addresses addiction at its root — helping our young clients achieve long-term sobriety through the highest standards of care.

A home away from home

Safe Landing is a welcoming and an inclusive “home away from home” that features comfortable dorm-style living — and even a resident therapy dog, Mantequilla. Our professional, compassionate staff is personally invested in the well-being of teens struggling with substance abuse. Because it’s not just our job; it’s our passion.


Founded by medical and mental health professionals, Safe Landing is dedicated to addressing the epidemic of drug and alcohol addiction affecting teens right here in the Miami area. That’s why our client-centered, relationship-driven treatment options are open and available to people around the country, including your loved one.

Personalized programs

It’s important to treat the physical symptoms of substance abuse through detox. But our personalized teen substance abuse treatment programs go much further. We meet your loved one right where they are, using a variety of therapeutic techniques and family involvement to uncover the roots of addiction and to work through them — all to achieve meaningful healing for long-term recovery. Let’s start the healing process today.