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Animal Therapy for Teen Substance Abuse

Animals do more than cheer us up. They love unconditionally — making them excellent partners in therapy.

A Teen’s Best Friend

Beginning a teen drug rehab or alcohol treatment program can feel intimidating to anyone, especially a young person. And while we go out of our way to make every client feel at home at Safe Landing, sometimes teens need a little extra reassurance. That’s why we integrate animal-assisted therapy into our programs for teens.

Spending time with animals can help people feel more calm, reducing feelings of anxiety, depression and aggression. While animal-assisted therapy can include a wide variety of animals, dogs are an especially popular choice to use in therapy for those with addiction and substance abuse disorders. 

Studies show that interacting with a dog can reduce levels of pain and pain-related symptoms, and dogs are often used in hospitals and rehab settings to comfort clients of all ages. Petting and interacting with a friendly dog causes the brain to release endorphins, oxytocin, and serotonin, which in turn create a sense of happiness and wellbeing. Many people naturally relax in the presence of a dog, which can be especially helpful for communicating in therapy. In fact, studies indicate that when clinicians bring dogs into drug and alcohol rehab centers, they’re able to achieve stronger emotional connections with their clients.

Meet Magic

Magic is our animal therapy dog at Safe Landing. In her role as our primary therapy dog, she provides emotional support and snuggles whenever they’re needed. Magic is just as comfortable sitting in psychotherapy sessions as she is romping outdoors. She’s sure to be your teen’s favorite member of the team, and she can’t wait to meet you, too.

Teen animal therapy

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