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Addiction treatment specialized for teens

At Safe Landing, we focus exclusively on teenagers and helping them overcome drug and alcohol abuse. You can choose us with confidence, knowing that we fully understand the underlying causes of your teen’s addiction, how to treat it, and how to prepare your son or daughter for a successful life free from substance abuse.

The causes and impact of addiction are different for teens. They often abuse drugs or alcohol as a means of coping with physical or emotional trauma, social or family issues, or unaddressed mental health problems. Without the proper tools for dealing with these challenges, teens may develop addictive habits and other destructive behaviors that hinder their long-term ability to succeed at home, school, or work.

Choose our teen recovery center in Miami, Florida and be assured that we will work diligently to improve your teen’s self-image, build their confidence and self-esteem, and provide a safe place for addressing other underlying causes of their addiction. Contact us today at 844-486-7205.

Choose Recovery Without Sacrificing Education

Another reason to choose Safe Landing is our commitment to your teen’s education. We offer options that take school into consideration, including:

Making recovery fun

Our entire facility is geared toward making your teen’s substance abuse rehab a positive experience. Treatment programs are coupled with great amenities to make recovery seamless, fun, and enlightening.

Make the right choice for your teen and call Safe Landing today!

Success Stories

Avin’s Recovery Story

Avin began using drugs because he thought it was cool. After experiencing his first overdose, Avin’s family brought him to Safe Landing Recovery, where he discovered he has the power to change the path of his future.

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Brennen’s Recovery Story

Brennen began using illicit substances in the 8th grade, beginning with marijuana before quickly transitioning to methamphetamine. He describes the experience as an escape from reality and a break from his regimented and closely monitored home life. Despite his parents’ attempts to intervene, Brennen’s preoccupation with using led to slipping grades and more behavioral issues. […]

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Daniel’s Recovery Story

With his own experiences in addiction, Ralph recognized the signs in his son pretty quickly. Thankfully Ralph was able to intervene and find him help with Safe Landing Recovery. Now the father and son help guide others to find a better path through sobriety.

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Jacob’s Recovery Story

Like most parents, Grace was concerned when her son Jacob began displaying concerning behaviors at home and in school. After reaching out to Safe Landing Recovery for help, she is amazed at the transformation compassionate guidance and has had on Jacob.

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Letters from Clients

Client letters share how Safe Landing Recovery has helped to change their lives for the better and express gratitude for the people who have helped them along the way.

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