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Troubled Teen Intervention Support

Through alcohol intervention and drug intervention support, Safe Landing helps you initiate a positive conversation with your teen about his or her substance abuse.

How Can an Intervention Help My Teen?

A substance abuse intervention is essentially a conversation designed to help you explain the reasons a child needs drug rehab or alcohol rehab. They likely don’t understand the destructive effects of their behavior, and may well be in denial about their addiction in the first place. 

Safe Landing is happy to provide support and guidance as you consider an intervention. After all, we specialize in helping teens recover from addiction, so we can give you tools to help you communicate effectively with your child.

What Happens in an Intervention for Teens?

Your teen may resist the idea that he or she even has a problem. That’s where it can be useful to identify specific instances or situations where their substance abuse affected you negatively. They may also have a distorted idea of what rehab and recovery are all about. It’s important that your teen understand that, with today’s medical detox, there’s help for unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.

Remind your teen that substance abuse rehab isn’t punishment. It’s there to help provide a better, more fulfilling experience without drugs or alcohol — and even help to save their life. Because Safe Landing was created exclusively for teenage clients, we know how to make rehab a fun, dynamic, and worthwhile experience for your child.

Safe Landing Is Here To Help

Before you engage in an intervention, it’s important to be fully educated and prepared — especially when it comes to intervention for teens. At Safe Landing, our clinical staff is here to help and support you along the way — so your teen readily accepts the help that they are given, and is prepared to thrive in their new sober life.

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