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Teen Meth Addiction Treatment Program

Teens may have many reasons for trying meth. Some may use it to lose weight quickly. Others may use it to stay awake and alert while studying for school. And some may use meth simply because it makes them feel happy or energetic.

But the dangers of meth far outweigh any short-term benefits. It is a powerful, dangerous stimulant that changes the chemistry of the brain and affects the central nervous system. It’s more harmful than other stimulants because it remains in the body and affects the brain longer.

With continued use, it can destroy the synapses in the brain’s pleasure center, which makes it impossible to experience pleasure of any kind without using the drug. When someone takes too much of the drug, they may suffer hallucinations, seizures, a heart attack or even death.

When someone uses meth over an extended period, they experience “tweaking” toward the end of their binge, when they feel intense anxiety and often go without sleep. This can last a few days or weeks and often causes paranoia, confusion, irritability, hallucinations and violent behavior, depending on the severity of their addiction.

After tweaking comes the “crash.” The body adjusts to the sudden lack of dopamine it was being supplied by the meth, causing depression and extreme exhaustion. The user may sleep a lot, and their cravings for more meth may become more intense.

Signs that your teen may be using meth

If your teen is using meth, you may notice changes in their behavior. Many become more talkative and social and are unable to sit still. Others become very quiet and often get lost in the small details of completing a simple task.

There are other warning signals that someone is using meth. Here’s what to look for.

How we treat meth addiction at Safe Landing

Our case managers, therapists and clinicians work together to create a treatment plan that fits your teen’s specific needs to beat their meth addiction. During the initial phases of recovery, we guide your son or daughter through the detox process at one of our partner facilities, making sure they receive all necessary medical support.

After drug detox, once meth has been cleared from the body and brain, we begin working on helping your teen avoid addiction in the future. We treat any co-occurring mental health disorders that may contribute to their addiction. The goal is to provide them with skills to manage their cravings and the support they need to stay on track for the duration of their recovery journey.

Our treatment modalities during teen drug rehab help your child improve their cognitive skills, develop healthy coping mechanisms, challenge irrational thinking, and stay clean despite triggering environments. Their treatment may include:

After rehabilitation, our team devises a follow-up plan for your teen’s post-recovery treatment. These aftercare plans include group and individual therapy sessions and continuing addiction recovery support to help your teen maintain their hard-earned sobriety.

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