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Rehab Programs For Troubled Teens

Finding out your teen has an alcohol or drug addiction is devastating. Meanwhile, finding the right teen rehab program can be almost as much of a challenge — especially considering the shortage of programs for adolescent treatment nationwide. Teens have unique needs when it comes to treatment. Thankfully, Safe Landing is fully prepared to meet those needs and help your child overcome addiction.

Addiction Treatment Approaches for Teenagers

At Safe Landing, we provide a variety of programs with the goal of achieving long-term recovery. Our personalized treatment plans address the specific needs of clients so they can achieve holistic healing and recovery. 

The primary methods we use in treatment are: 

Safe Landing Teen Rehab FL
Residential Inpatient Treatment

Residential treatment programs for teens can be a good choice for those with more intense recovery needs. Inpatient rehabilitation provides the necessary structure, psycho education, and life planning critical to recovery. Teenagers battling severe addiction receive treatment within our private, fully enclosed facility full-time. During treatment, clients participate in one-on-one cognitive behavioral therapy to uncover the roots of addiction. Safe Landing provides co-ed housing and peers living communities, helping clients feel connected to a rich community of peers and counselors. We understand the importance of keeping up academically, so we also offer educational programs, so they don’t fall behind.

Teen substance abuse counseling
Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Some teens need the intensity of an inpatient program but cannot commit to living on-premises full-time. Safe Landing’s partial hospitalization program for teens requires clients to attend treatment at least five full days of the week. While receiving treatment, teens learn about achieving mindfulness and acting with personal responsibility. Ultimately, the level of flexibility in PHP programs affords teenagers (and their guardians) the opportunity to continue professional, academic, and extracurricular activities while receiving the structure and tools for recovery.

Teen substance abuse counseling therapy
Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Safe Landing’s intensive outpatient treatment program for teens offers flexibility. We understand that not all teenagers can be away from home during recovery, so treatment is also available on an outpatient basis. Through IOP, clients come to treatment several times throughout the week. During treatment, teens learn how to address the underlying causes of self-medication and substance use. Through group as well as individual therapy sessions, teens are also taught healthy coping mechanisms they can use in everyday life. The group sessions, in particular, are an opportunity to create meaningful connections and build relationships with other teens undergoing similar struggles.

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