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HELPING Teens Quit Smoking Through Smoking Cessation

At Safe Landing, we understand that teenagers who smoke often struggle when they try to give up nicotine, just like adults. A recent study found:

If your son or daughter has unsuccessfully tried to quit smoking, we have a program that can help them beat their addiction to nicotine. Our team of clinicians and counselors put together a personalized plan to fit your teen’s individual needs.

Nicotine replacement therapies – such as gum, patches and nasal sprays – have proven effective in treating teenage smoking. But these products were formulated for adults, and not all of them are safe for teens. You should always rely on a doctor to set and monitor your teen’s dosage of these materials.

Just like any addiction requiring substance abuse treatment, it’s important to address your teen’s nicotine use early. Studies have shown that teens who smoke are at greater risk of developing health issues. The teenage years are an important grown period in everyone’s life, and damage that happens as a teen can have a greater impact than it would later in life. For example, the younger someone is when they start smoking, research has found, the greater the chance that they will develop lung cancer.

More dangers of teen nicotine addiction

Teens who smoke are also more likely to use drugs and alcohol, studies have shown. This could be an act of further rebellion, or perhaps because teens who smoke are more likely to spend time around peers who smoke, drink and use drugs. Whatever the reason, the earlier you address and remedy your teen’s smoking the better chance you have of avoiding these other issues.

It’s also important for you and your teen to be aware of the dangers of vaping, which is becoming more popular among teenagers. A recent report found that more than 42 percent of high school seniors have vaped at least once in their life. Many teens believe vaping is safe, but these products can also lead to nicotine addiction if used frequently.

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