Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

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Cognitive Behavior Therapy FOr Teen Substance Abuse

Teenage substance abuse is often caused by underlying trauma or mental health disorders, which is one reason why Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) is such a vital part of addiction treatment at Safe Landing’s recovery center in Miami, Florida. We specialize in helping teens overcome substance abuse, and we incorporate CBT as a primary treatment modality.

We can help your teen learn how to deal with anxiety, depression and other mental health issues that may be at the root of their addiction. Our CBT therapists work with your teen to examine the connection between their thoughts and their behavior. Once they understand that connection, it becomes easier to show how changing their thought patterns will make it easier to stop detrimental behavior that pushes them to use drugs and alcohol.

Instead, they learn how to develop coping mechanisms that disrupt those negative thoughts and begin replacing harmful behaviors with better habits. Learning how to make the right decisions is key to keeping your son or daughter on the path of long-term sobriety.

Identify, disrupt and restructure negative thoughts

Like all Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Safe Landing’s CBT for teens aims to help them identify, then disrupt and restructure negative thoughts. Even without realizing it, most people with an addiction problem have strong negative thoughts about themselves and their surroundings. Our addiction therapists believe these negative thoughts often lead people to self-destructive behaviors.

CBT helps your teen change the way they think ­– which can be driven by anxiety, depression, schizophrenia and other co-occurring mental health disorders. Left untreated, mental health problems continue the cycle of addiction. Through therapy, your teen learns how to recognize that type of negative thinking and how to change it.

Those negative, damaging thoughts can be hard to recognize, especially for teens. That’s where Safe Landing’s therapists come in, helping your son or daughter talk through their thoughts and actions and seeing how one leads to the other. Once the connection becomes clear, your teen is better able to take the necessary steps to change their behavior and beat their addiction through alcohol or drug rehab.

Another example of successful CBT for your teen is teaching them how to get involved with more activities and habits that have a positive, enjoyable impact on their life. It’s easy for your teen to get caught in a cycle of behaviors and habits that trigger their addiction. And it may be difficult for them to find the initiative to get out and try something new.

Take control with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

At Safe Landing, we believe that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is an extremely effective approach for treating many teen mental health disorders that contribute to addiction. For teens, especially, the chance to work with a therapist and talk through their issues can be liberating, empowering and exciting.

With CBT available in our inpatient, outpatient, and aftercare treatment programs, we can help your teen learn how to manage their thoughts and control their actions to give them a better chance at a successful, sustainable recovery.

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