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Teen Rehab Insurance Coverage

If your son or daughter has a substance abuse problem, the last thing you need to worry about is finding out whether your insurance will cover the cost of your teen’s rehab treatment. You just want to get them the help they need. At Safe Landing, we accept most major insurance plans and are in-network with top providers including Humana, Florida Blue, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Magellan, ACPN, Baycare Health System, Beacon Health Options, MHN, Citrus Health Network, and New Directions, which makes it easier for you to cover the cost of your teen’s treatment without major out-of-pocket expenses. To quickly and confidentially verify your coverage, choose any of the options below.

3 ways to verify insurance:

Benefits of insurance verification

Verifying your rehab medical coverage with your insurance company lets you know what addiction treatment services will be covered by your provider. With years of expertise in this area, we can help you understand your coverage before your loved one arrives for treatment. We are fully HIPAA compliant and confidential with your insurance information.

We’re experienced in working with insurance companies to ensure you receive all the rehab insurance benefits you are due. Call 844-486-7205 now for a confidential conversation about your options.

We are in-network with many plans, plus most out-of-network policies are also accepted


The cost of treatment depends on the level of care needed, which is tailored to each individual. If you don’t have insurance, we can help you find a way to pay for your care.


Depending on your situation, we may be able to provide payment plans to help cover the cost of your care. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and debit cards. To discuss your needs, please call us today at 844-486-7205.

Frequently Asked Questions About insurance coverage

Yes! We accept most major medical insurance plans. Recent legislation has made it mandatory for insurance providers to pay for drug and alcohol treatment. Speak with one of our admissions representatives, who can assist you in verifying coverage for your teen and provide information on other payment options.

There are alternative ways to pay for your teen’s treatment. If you can afford it, there’s the option of paying out-of-pocket. If possible, seeking aid from family members or friends can help cover the cost of care. My Treatment Lender, credit cards and traditional banks may also cover the cost of treatment.

We treat drug and alcohol addictions among teenagers, including those involving prescription and illicit opioids, alcohol, stimulants and inhalants. At Safe Landing, we offer dual diagnosis treatment to address co-occurring mental health conditions like anxiety or depression along with addiction treatment.

Our addiction treatment programs for teenagers include residential rehab, partial hospitalization treatment and intensive outpatient rehabilitation. Although we do not directly offer detox, our sister networks integrate seamlessly with client care. We provide initial connections for providing your teen’s detoxification and then immediately admit them into our care. Teenagers are a particularly difficult treatment population to reach. We employ treatment that makes sense, is straightforward, encouraging and prepares young adults for the rest of their lives without the hinderance of a substance use disorder. Our clinical staff is professional, relatable, and many are in long-term recovery themselves.

Our treatment programs are tailored to your teen’s individual needs, after a comprehensive evaluation to determine the severity of their addiction and to assess their physical and mental health. Their personalized treatment plan may include: · Cognitive behavioral therapy · Dialectical behavior therapy · Animal assisted therapy · Trauma therapy · Harm reduction therapy · Motivational interviewing · Emotional regulation · Self-esteem building · Wellness · Family counseling