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Specialized Teen Drug Rehab

As a parent, it’s difficult when you suspect that your teenage son or daughter is using drugs, but you must address the situation immediately. At Safe Landing, we know this may be uncomfortable for you, but realize that your child’s mental and physical well-being is at stake. Don’t be afraid to talk to them about your concerns.

And don’t be afraid to take action if you believe they need treatment. We’re here to help, with teen drug rehab programs that focus exclusively on adolescents and the underlying causes of teen addiction. We understand that teen drug abuse often begins as a means of fitting in, coping with emotional challenges, or attempts to self-medicate undiagnosed mental health disorders such as teen depression or anxiety.

For your son or daughter, external influences — such as friends and peers, stress at home or school — can also contribute to teen drug addiction and create a dangerous cycle that can have lasting detrimental effects. Residential treatment for teens can help break this cycle by removing them from their environment and enabling them to focus on healing among a supportive team of therapists and peers. To learn more about our teen drug rehab programs, call 844-486-7205 to speak with a Safe Landing treatment specialist.

Private, Individualized Care

At our private, safe, and fully enclosed teen rehab center in Miami, Florida, we eliminate those external influences that interfere with the recovery process. Our residential treatment program allows your teen to focus on the mental and emotional process of drug rehab without outside distractions.

Our top-rated teen drug rehab center offers an intensive program tailored specifically for teens. We begin with a full assessment of your teen’s mind, body, and spirit to gather information that helps us tailor an individualized recovery plan to meet their therapeutic needs. This includes a balance between group and individualized care methods specifically chosen to aid your teen’s recovery. What sets Safe Landing Recovery apart from other treatment centers is the unique time we spend with each client, whether that is overcoming substance abuse, trauma, anxiety, depression, bi-polar, or other mental health conditions.

Our drug rehab programs for teens include evidence-based treatment such as cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, animal-assisted therapy, family counseling, and more. In addition, emotional regulation, communication and life skills are all used to create a well-rounded path to recovery. Our goal is to help your teen overcome self-image issues, rebuild their confidence and create a solid foundation for long-term success.

Signs That Teenagers Are Using Drugs

Teenagers are often very adept at disguising their drug use, but here are a few warning signs of teenage drug addiction:

You notice a change in their personality. They become quiet and uncommunicative, appear to lose focus and be less motivated, become angry or uncooperative, or suddenly lose their inhibitions.

They have dramatic changes in behavior. They skip school or work, stay out late with a new set of friends, become secretive when they use their cell phone, use gum or mints to cover their breath, or act restless and energetic followed by periods when they sleep a lot.

Their physical health deteriorates. They have frequent nosebleeds or a runny nose, develop mouth sores, gain or lose a lot of weight, throw up frequently, perspire more than usual, exhibit slurred speech, or generally experience frequent sickness.

Their personal hygiene suffers. Their appearance becomes sloppy or unkempt, with the smell of smoke on their breath or clothes, burn spots on their fingers or lips or track marks on their arms or legs.

What to Expect in Drug Rehab for Teens

One of the first things we focus on is anger management in teenagers and overcoming any resistance to treatment; this will fade with time and experience as we build connections and develop trust. Attending rehab for teenagers can be difficult at first, but it’s necessary for their physical and mental safety. Upon arriving for treatment, expect to be greeted by a Safe Landing team member who will help your teenager to the door; during this time, they will introduce themselves and help put your teen at ease. 

  1. Paperwork is needed to admit into a teen residential program center properly.  We offer a wide range of consent forms, all of which are HIPPA compliant, so no one needs to know your teenager is in rehab. This also provides them with safety precautions. If your teenager has a treatment team already, we will offer a release of information, which allows us to keep your current treatment team (such as therapist, psychiatrist, family doctors) up to date with the progress we make as a team.
  2. A nursing assessment will take place. Our 24/7 nursing team will measure and take vitals to ensure your teenager’s safety. Signs of drug use in teens can vary based on the level of dependency, which can cause fluctuations in our body. Nursing will give the full report to the doctor before the client and doctor have an appointment together. 
  3. They will meet the team. During the first 48 hours, our team of professionals will make themselves available to meet one-on-one with your teenager. They are gathering information to tailor drug rehab for minors to fit their specific needs. Think of substance abuse like a fingerprint – even though two people have one, they look very different from each other. 
  4. Treatment begins. Adolescent residential treatment for recovery from substance abuse ensures teens receive at least 30 hours of treatment per week, 15 hours of school hours per week, and 10 hours of free time per week.

Family Support During Teen Drug Rehab

We go even further than just treating your child; we help the entire family as well. During teen addiction treatment, you and your family receive the education, support and guidance you need during family counseling. We will help you stay healthy and focused while dealing with your teen’s drug and alcohol rehab.

Don’t let your teen’s drug addiction progress any further. We urge you to take action now and get help. Call Safe Landing today at 844-486-7205 to learn more about our teen drug rehab programs.


Will school performance be affected during teen drug rehab?

Education is a big part of treatment at Safe Landing to ensure that students do not fall behind. Tutors are available to help with school work, and your teen’s grades are likely to improve as treatment continues.

What do I bring to inpatient drug rehab for teens?

We ask that you bring 10 outfits, 3 pairs of shoes, and season-appropriate clothing. All bedding, pillows, hygiene products will be provided along with meals and snacks. If you’d like to bring pictures, journals, and books, you are more than welcome to. 

Will my teen be expected to do a lot of chores?

No, we simply ask teens to keep their room reasonably clean. There are laundry machines in the home if laundry needs to be done. Any other tasks are split up among all clients, leaving very little per person.

Will I be able to phone my teen during treatment? Can they get email or mail?

Calling schedules are planned, allowing ample time for family members and loved ones to connect during supervised sessions. You are also welcome to participate in family systems therapy. In some cases, you may work with your teen’s case manager to set up visitation and additional contact methods. All mail deliveries are held by staff and released upon completion of treatment. Internet access is not generally available during rehab, although limited, monitored internet access may be allowed.

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