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SPecialized Career Skills Training for TeenS

Recovery is about more than abstaining from drugs and alcohol. It’s about learning the skills for a balanced, well-rounded, fulfilling life.

Real Skills for the Real World

At Safe Landing, we understand your teen’s recovery journey continues well beyond their time in our care, changing and evolving as they grow into adulthood. That’s why we offer more than just guidance and mentorship from licensed therapists and mental health specialists. After all, our clients feel like family and continue to receive our support and access to other alumni resources.

Career Skills as a Component of Aftercare

Safe Landing aftercare support services are designed to complement the life skills and coping mechanisms our clients gain during treatment, as well as helping form a solid foundation for the future. In addition to job skills training, your teen can receive continued education, college prep, support groups, counseling, and more. We offer help with:

Safe Landing’s dedication to your child’s ongoing success guides us when choosing our carefully selected aftercare partners. We aim to ensure your teen is surrounded by encouraging, supportive people who will help them remain steady on their path of recovery every step of the way. This includes connecting with employers, mentors, guidance counselors, and others in your teen’s life who can help provide additional structure and guidance along the way. 

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