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continuing school During Teen Rehab

Education is essential. That’s why Safe Landing ensures that school isn’t interrupted during treatment.

We understand the complexities that emerge when enrolling an adolescent into a drug rehab or alcohol recovery program, especially when it comes to their schooling. At Safe Landing, we’re proud to offer the Apex Virtual School Program — an online option that allows our clients to continue their education in a virtual classroom setting, regardless of their treatment program.

As part of our Apex Virtual School Program, your student works on their online courses at an independent pace. Certified teachers, online tutors, and school counselors are there to provide guidance and offer support, helping your teen make up credits or even get ahead of their coursework. The school has been accredited since 1999 by NWAC, a division of Cognia. Apex courses also have been approved by the NCAA, the University of California, and the College Board.

In addition to in-class instruction for core subjects, Safe Landing Recovery provides prep for the GED, SAT, and ACT, as well as career coaching.

Other Educational Opportunities at Safe Landing

Beyond the classroom, our life skills training courses focus on instilling the importance of personal accountability. This includes:

Our intensive outpatient program (IOP) is flexible, allowing teens to remain in school while still receiving the care they need to overcome addiction. Schedules for IOP are three to five days per week for two to three hours per day, with a strong emphasis on parental involvement every step of the way. This course is ideal for balancing life responsibilities and recovery for teens.

The Safe Landing summer rehab program for teens is an excellent alternative that allows clients to focus on the recovery process during the summer vacation months between school years. This option gives teens the opportunity to overcome substance abuse without interruption.

Our educational programs also include health and physical wellness, medication management, and psychoeducation to ensure long-term sobriety. We strive to promote well-rounded growth and character through life skills training, teaching real tools that are applicable to life.

Also, we believe addiction recovery shouldn’t be boring! That’s why Safe Landing provides exciting recreational and educational opportunities throughout the recovery process — including weekly social events, supervised entertainment outings, gaming parties, and cultural/educational field trips.

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