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Our Approach to Teen Addiction Treatment

Here at Safe Landing, we understand your child is like no other. That’s why we never rely on a cookie-cutter approach to treatment. Instead, your teen will receive a fully customized recovery plan, allowing us to identify and meet his or her unique needs.

Teen substance abuse assessment
Teen substance abuse assessment

We’ll begin everything with a detailed assessment of your teen’s background from a biological, psychological and social perspective. That way, we have the tools to create the most effective combination of teen addiction treatment modalities to address his or her particular needs.

Teen trauma therapy counseling
Trauma-focused approach

When you address the emotional trauma that led to addiction, you can move on through recovery with a clear mind. Our staff of behavioral health experts engage effective, evidence-based treatment techniques including innovative approaches to address trauma.

Teen dual diagnosis mental health counseling
Co-occurring mental health disorders

This element of your teen’s plan offers an opportunity to integrate any underlying mental health disorders that may have been contributing to their substance abuse. We can diagnose and treat your child, so he or she can achieve greater mental health — and a more effective recovery.

Teen holistic substance abuse therapy
Holistic treatments

With recreational therapy, meditation, and other holistic approaches to wellness as a complement to your program, your teen can experience a sense of peace and strength, even in early sobriety. Safe Landing also emphasizes physical well-being, with fitness and many outdoor activities that channel your teen’s energy in a positive way, encouraging them to grow stronger and healthier in sobriety.

Family counseling in teen rehab
Family involvement

At Safe Landing, we don’t just welcome you to participate in your child’s treatment: we strongly encourage it! Whether you join us in person or virtually, your active involvement is vital to your teen’s recovery. By learning about your child’s addiction and building bonds of support with other clients’ families, you and your family can repair and strengthen relationships to experience a brighter future together.

Addiction Treatment Therapies

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