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Teen Alcohol Addiction
Teen Alcohol Poisoning

Going to parties, tailgating, and cheering on a favorite sports team are common ways for teens to relieve stress and be with friends. For some, this includes drinking and occasionally having too much too quickly or binge drinking. The consequences of large amounts of alcohol are severe and can be deadly. Rapidly drinking in excess […]

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Co-Occurring Disorders and Teen Addiction
Putting Out Fires: Managing Co-Occurring Disorders in Teen Substance Abuse Treatment

Treating teen substance abuse and co-occurring disorders is a complex undertaking, requiring a comprehensive approach that addresses all needs for lasting success. For adolescent clients, common treatment factors to consider include addressing mental health and behavioral concerns, home and family dysfunction, and establishing healthy coping mechanisms and life skills for a substance-free future.  Early intervention […]

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Teen Addiction Myths
Signs of Substance Abuse in Teens

Parenthood is a fantastic phase of life – you get to watch a child you love and adore grow, learn, and play. But sometimes, it can also be the most challenging part of your life – primarily through puberty and adolescence. It’s only natural that eventually our children will want more freedom and one day […]

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Teen Vaping Facts Parents Should Know
Vaping Facts: Everything You Need to Know

“Vaping,” or an electronic cigarette, is a device used to inhale a vapor fluid for nicotine, or other THC products, which are used within this device. While vaping companies insist it is a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes, other health risks are involved. Overall, vaping is just as addictive as smoking regular cigarettes due to […]

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