Life After Quarantine

Coping with Life After Quarantine

As the news continues to express increasing numbers of cases of COVID-19 and deaths and the possibility of the country reopening soon, we can’t help but wonder what life will be like after lockdown. There might be increased anxiety about getting back to life with all the restrictions, unemployment and lack of childcare as schools are closed until next year. Below please find some tips that can help in considering life after lockdown and can help in creating a plan for reincorporating into society with “the new normal.”


Prioritize your needs or the needs of your family. When it comes to what’s important right now it can differ from what was important before the quarantine. For some the most important thing might be childcare while for others it could be going back to work, homeschooling the children well, seeing family and friends, finding a job, getting back to a routine, getting back in shape or dieting, Try to make a list of the things that are most important to be done right after quarantine to be able to create a plan.

Consider Safety

After prioritizing, try to weigh out the risks of those activities involved and losses and gains for such. Remember that as much as things will start reopening and there might be desire for “things to go back to normal” we are still living in a very dangerous time and safety should come first. If you are going to go out consider safety equipment and make plans to have enough for everyone at home. If you are seeing others consider who they have been seeing and what line of work they have as some people have higher chances of being exposed to the virus. Make sure that you make a list of pros and cons while making plans to ensure your safety.

Set realistic goals

Set realistic and achievable goals for yourself and your family. Give yourself some time to get back to normal. For many this time has allowed for the family to spend more time together and has given a chance to breathe, while for others it has created more stress as there have been increased pressures. Try to start small and make daily and weekly goals that will put some pressure but will not set you up for failure. Make a plan to get to where you would like to be over a period of time. If some of your goals are getting back to a routine, start setting the alarm clock a few minutes early everyday until you get to the desired outcome.

Don’t compare yourself to others

With social media being part of most of our lives, it is really easy to compare ourselves to others. People in social media highlight the most important parts of their lives, all while leaving out the negative, difficult, and stressful times of daily life. This idea of “perfect” can make us feel inferior and feel like we are not doing enough. Stay away from comparing your goals and priorities to those of others and try to stay honest about what you and your family needs.

Always remember to be patient with yourself and give yourself and your family a chance to get back to life slowly as hoping for too much in a short time can leave you frustrated if things don’t get accomplished. Try to embrace some of the lessons learned during this time and try to apply the things that felt important during your stay home. The life we will be living after isolation is different than the one we lived before, so embrace the changes and give yourself a chance!


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