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Safe Landing Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

Teen Rehabilitation in North Miami

Safe Landing offers the best, comprehensive drug and alcohol rehabilitation for teens aged from 13-17. Our teen rehab programs are designed specifically to address challenges unique to young people in recovery. Our programs are evidence based and revolve around cognitive behavioral therapy to address the underlying causes of addiction, including: sexual trauma, depression, PTSD, and mental health disorders.

Safe Landing is run by the best in the industry. Our medical and psychiatric addiction professionals are all in long term recovery, giving our clients the best of both worlds: textbook knowledge, and real world experience. Safe Landing provides a safe environment of recovery focusing on mind, body, and spirit. Several programs are available for varying degrees of substance use disorders. Safe Landing offers: summer treatment programs, inpatient rehab treatment, and dual diagnosis treatment.

Teen Substance Abuse Counseling in North Miami

Our programs focus on family counseling and rectify broken bridges and improve family relations. Our focus is both on our clients in recovery and their families. Each program is specifically designed to address substance abuse, family history of addiction, psychological dependence on addictive substances, home environment, and underlying mental health disorders.


Safe Landing Treatment Options

Residential Inpatient Rehab Treatment for Teens

Our inpatient residential treatment program is designed to eliminate the external distractions that can hinder recovery from substance abuse. By removing negative influences such as toxic relationships, we turn the focus inward on the inner causes of substance abuse. This continual focus on personal growth and empowerment helps cement a solid foundation for a sober future.

Summer Rehabilitation Programs for Teens

Safe Landings understands the importance of school attendance, that’s why we offer structured rehabilitation programs during the summer months so students can get the help they need while fulfilling their obligations to school.

Our educational track helps students prepare for higher education with tutors, SAT and ACT prep, and specialized programs focusing on areas of interest.

Intensive outpatient Rehabilitation for Teens (IOP)

IOP treatment is intended for teens who have student and family obligations to keep. Safe Landing’s outpatient program includes three to five days of treatment weekly in bursts of two to three hours per day. During treatment, clients undergo cognitive behavioral therapy, remedying the psychological and emotional dependence to addictive substances. Treatment includes group and individual therapy sessions as well as family counseling.

Partial Hospitalization Teen Treatment Programs (PHP)

Safe Landings caters to clients who have underlying psychological disorders contributing to the turmoil of addiction. PHP treatment is a type of inpatient rehabilitation and focuses around cognitive behavioral therapy and specific medical treatment for various mental health conditions.

Drug Teen Counseling

Comprehensive treatment includes focusing on parent-child relationships, life skills training, health education, relapse prevention therapy, and character development.

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