How to Get Through the Holidays as a Two-Household Family

The holidays are stressful enough even before you factor in the logistics and realities of a two-household family. Divorce rates vary somewhat by state, but the family dynamics can affect the emotional and physical well-being of kids even more during the holidays.  The topic of divorced families and holidays is never a particularly easy one, […]

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Enforcing Healthy Boundaries with Extended Family During the Holidays

For many families the holidays are a time for togetherness and celebration. We often associate this time of year with family dinners and joyful gift swapping, but most families are far from this idyllic image. For parents of teens in recovery, navigating the holidays may include fielding uncomfortable questions, unwelcome parenting advice, and outright judgement […]

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Working with Hesitant Clients

Seeking help for a substance use disorder through addiction treatment is a difficult decision to make. Inpatient rehab programs require clients to put their lives on pause, sometimes for months at a time and far from home, while trusting themselves to the care of strangers — it’s a major step to take. For adolescent clients, […]

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